My name is Elizabeth Shafer and I am first and foremost a daughter of the creator of Heaven and Earth. God is my purpose and my reason for living. I want my life and everything in it to point to Him.

I married my best friend, Jason, on August 19th, 2006. We have 2 incredible sons that we adopted through the foster to adopt program in our county. Weiland and Marty have brought us so much joy! I am not an animal person, but our family would not be complete without our 112 lb. chocolate lab, Otis.

We moved to the Coachella Valley in October of 2009 when Jason got a position at a local church as the pastor of music. Although I am not a fan of the heat, this desert has become our home. The church is our family away from our biological family that we are honored to serve and live alongside.

Several years ago I got my real estate license. I love to network and match make so I figured this would be a good part time job for me. It has proven to be amazing! I love helping people find houses that become their homes that they are excited about.

This blog came about because of a nag at my heart that just would not stop. I want Jesus to be glorified through my life and its challenges and victories that I face and continue to face. I want to shout from the roof tops of God’s goodness, faithfulness, hope, and love, so I’ll start by putting it on the world wide web 🙂