Weiland John

Dear Weiland,

Today you turn 5 years old! I cannot believe it! I am not sure where the time went, but it did and here we are! Five years ago today I did not even know that you existed. Your daddy and I were at a night of worship at church with our small group the night of the 19th. We had just met with, Vivian, our social worker and she had told us that it takes up to a year to get placed with a newborn baby. It wasn’t even on our radar that our first born had entered the world! 

Life was so busy for me and your daddy. We figured if we had a year until we became parents, we had a lot to do! So mommy quit her job and started an organization and also took up being an assistant coach for high school girls volleyball, daddy signed up for his Ironman and committed to being on the search committee to help find Southwest a new pastor. It was a crazy and busy season! 

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was October 25th and I had just gotten home from coaching a volleyball game and I was very grumpy, who knows why..maybe I was hungry 🙂 Your daddy was in an especially happy mood. He was trying to cheer me up with being silly and even offering to take me out on a dinner date! Finally he said, “Would it cheer you up if I told you that Vivian called today?” I can still feel the excitement in my gut that I felt that night as I write this up. I shot up and couldn’t get a word out. I just kept stuttering, “Wait! What? Who? What are you talking about??” He proceeded to tell me, “There is a brand new baby boy that needs a home. He was born a few days ago, so they need to find a permanent placement for him.” My head was swirling, my heart was beating so fast, and I couldn’t stop smiling! 

The next morning we called Vivian to tell her, yes. I couldn’t focus. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe that I was about to pick up my son! Daddy and I went to Toys R Us and bought a carseat, some formula, bottles, and diapers. I remember we were a few minutes early to pick you up so we found a Starbucks. I ordered a Tall, I couldn’t even finish it! You and I both know that I must have been so excited if that was the case, seeing that I polish of a Venti anytime of the day! 

As I saw Anetra (your temporary foster mom) walking up with you, it looked like she was just holding a balled up blanket. The anticipation was killing me! I couldn’t wait to lay my eyes on you! She pulled the blanket back and there you were! My sweet, sweet little 6 lb 11 oz chocolate kiss. It was so surreal. 

A really cool fact that I don’t want you ever to forget is that the night before Anetra dropped you off with us, she brought you to her Bible study and the women prayed over you that you would go to a Christian family. From the beginning, Dubs, God has had His hand on you! He has awesome plans for you, little man! 

We signed the papers, we loaded up, and we were off to introduce you to our massive circle of people who had been praying for you! That night we had so many people come over to meet you and hold you! Your grammie and papa, aunts, uncles, and cousins dropped what they were all doing and drove over an hour to meet you! 

These last 5 years you have brought us so much joy, love, and laughter. Your personality is so big and so full of life! You are the greatest gift! Always remember, little man, that your dad and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to adopt you. We love being your mom and dad. 

Happy Birthday sweet boy! 

*The beautiful and talented Katie McGihon captured this intimate and special moment as reality hit that Jason and I finally had a baby.

One thought on “Weiland John

  1. Bob and Vicki Newby says:

    Thank you for sharing this story! How very, very sweet. It makes me tear up with joy for you. Dubs is such an amazing gift with the perfect personality for your family. The years go by incredibly fast! May God bless you with abundant parenting wisdom. Vicki


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