It Is A New Day!

I woke up this morning more tired than usual. Marty has been waking up a lot at night, being that he only has 6 teeth and he is 19 months, he has some making up to do in the teeth area. That being said, when the alarm of his screaming went off at 6, I was not super chipper and excited about it.

It is by no means an excuse, but because I was so tired I was short with Weiland and Jason. I HATE when I allow myself to be this way when I only have about an hour max with them before they are off to work and school.

I decided to put on some Pandora and attempt to tackle the boys room. The babies are happily playing around me, I’m starting to settle in and then my phone rings. It is Molly’s birth mom asking where I am. YUP! I completely forgot that today is a visit day for Molly. I throw on some yoga pants, grab some clothes for Mo and load up the babies. That is all it took to stress me out and take me back to the raging crazy lady from about 30 minutes earlier.

When I see more of my character and less of Jesus’, it is glaringly obvious to me that He and I need some quality time together.

I laid Marty down for his morning nap and got out the “materials” i.e.: devotional, journal, Bible, and Spotify. Almost instantaneously I felt God taking over my heart and mind. I picked up my phone to text Jason an apology and then just sat in God’s presence. It is so powerful when we take the time to just sit and hear from Him. The life that He will breathe into us is unlike any other encounter on the planet.

A new exercise that I have started doing, that has been life changing for me, is putting on my worship music and opening my journal to write out any truths from the specific song that stick out. Before you know it I have pages full of truths of who God says that I am. All of the sudden there is way less self criticism and way more encouragement. So many times satan wants to get in and discourage us and beat us up using ourselves or those close to us. If we have truths of who He says that we are throughout scripture burned into our minds, there is a lot LESS power that satan has in our lives.

January was full of Jesus teaching me the importance of taking my thoughts captive, silencing negative self talk,  and choosing joy. This morning, the 31st of January I had the opportunity of putting into practice all three and now at 1:28 I sit here feeling filled up, loved, cherished, pursued, and so full of joy. I can’t wait for February!!!

How about you? How is your day going? Are you tired? Are you stoked on life? Are you overwhelmed?  Where ever this blog finds you today, know that it is NEVER too late to start your day over! Take those thoughts captive, shut your head up, and choose joy! The power lies in you!

Let’s tackle February with a vengeance together!

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