Birthdays, Buddies, and Books…Oh My!

March. Not quite over yet, but close.

March has been a month full of celebrating the birthdays of so many loved ones, still one left to go…cough, Courtnie Howard, cough, cough 🙂  March has also been full of a ton of quality time with loved ones. My mind has been blown, stretched, and enlightened through the 3 books that I devoured so far this month. I still have 5 days left, so I’m hoping that I will be able to end the month reading 4 books 🙂

In the midst of the busyness this month, God has been whispering through His spirit, His word, and His people a reality that has been simmering in the forefront of my mind.

*I am enough. I am free. God wants to be WITH me*

For as long as I can remember I have really tried to live a good story FOR God and ABOUT God. That is exhausting. It is consumed with feelings of pressure, not being enough, and feeling in bondage to the opinions and attitudes of others.

This month, time and time again, the truth that God just wants me to live my life WITH Him has been piercing my heart and mind. As that truth has been sizzling internally, a new level of freedom has been reached. A new level of peace has filled my mind and soul. A new level of identity and worth has been reached.

There has been another strong sense that has partnered with the above mentioned life giving truths, it is a sense of being wrecked for the ordinary. Interruptions by God leave us never the same again. Because of this, there is a nagging desire that will not leave me alone… I want with everything in me for every single person to know the freedom, joy, strength, peace, and identity that Jesus has to offer by just being who He has created us to be.

I don’t know how this sits with you, BUT, I do know that if you could truly and fully wrap your mind and heart around this loving Jesus that just wants to live life WITH you, your faith walk will never be the same again. You can stop striving. You can just be. REST. The pressure is off.

In your marriage, be WITH Jesus and He will spill out. In your parenting, be WITH Jesus and He will spill out. In your work place, school, friendships, and/or your church be WITH Jesus and watch Him spill out.

We put so much pressure on ourselves and those around us to live FOR God and ABOUT Him, when in all reality, it naturally happens when we live WITH Him. So liberating!

I am so thankful for the birthdays, buddies, and books because through them all I have learned that I am enough. I am free. I don’t have to strive. I don’t have to stress. I just have to be.



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