Dear Martin’s Birth Mom…

Today is our son’s 3rd birthday. I was just sitting on the floor playing with him and it hit me, “I wonder how you are doing today”? My heart instantly started aching for you and the emotions that may be flooding your heart every June 30th, and other days, for that matter.

I doubt that you will ever read this blog, but I don’t want to doubt what God can do 🙂

I want to thank you. Thank you for your courage and strength to choose adoption for Marty. He has brought so much healing and joy into our family. He is a gift that I will NEVER stop thanking Jesus for. His life is a miracle that you selflessly chose to give life to.

Marty is goofy, kind, and joyful. He has big dimples, big brown eyes, and big lips! He’s always smiling and laughing. In the last month he has potty trained himself and taught himself to swim. You created an adorable little smarty pants 🙂

If you ever find this blog and recognize this picture, know that he is in good hands. He is loved by all. He is a gift that you have given us and we will never stop thanking you and our God.

You are in our thoughts and prayers. Praying that Jesus’ pursuit of you is obvious and His love is undeniable in your life.


Marty’s other momma 🙂


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