Here it goes…

Embracing and Thriving, two words that have become very repetitive in my vocabulary in the last year. Not because I have arrived, by any means, but because I am learning what the words mean and what they look like in the context of my ever changing life.

My friend Katie and I got home this afternoon from a conference discussing purpose, figuring out what it is and how to successfully achieve it. It was okay, honestly. Had some good points and inspirational pushes, but it really served for me as a follow up/check in from earlier this year when Katie and I attended the If Gathering in Austin, TX. I left Austin changed, awakened, and affirmed. God spoke so clearly that He sees me in my current season, He has given me dreams and passions that will come in time, but for now I need to embrace and thrive where I am currently; which I will go into as we go on this journey together. Hence the blog 🙂
In Austin I realized that I was missing an outlet for my passions, even on a small scale. You see, in the last year God opened the door for my husband, Jason, and I to bring home 2 babies. Two amazing and awesome miracles through the foster care system. We already have a 4 year old, Weiland, and we wanted to grow our family and get some siblings for him. We just didn’t realize it would happen all at once! Once the exciting newness wore off and sleepless nights got to me, I began to forget who I was, what I loved, what made me laugh, and what it felt like to take a shower and brush my teeth. So as I was drowning in diapers and teeth plaque, I felt forgotten and lost. I was tired, dirty, sad, impatient, tired, lonely, grumpy, tired, and then some more tired. Because of my exhaustion and discontentment, I could not be pleased. My marriage was suffering and my relationship with my 4 year old was suffering. Who had I become?! And then my eyes were opened in Austin, God sees me. He sees me in the midst of the diapers. I am not forgotten. This is a season that I need to embrace because it is short and Jesus is walking through it with me. But I did need to carve out some time for me, and not just for a shower, but to pursue my dreams and passions in reasonable increments. It is time to start Investing in what I feel like God has given me as my story to share.
After If Gathering ended I sat with Katie over a delicious meal and we discussed all that God was speaking to us and encouraging us to pursue. I told her, “how hard is it to really dedicate one nap time to writing my book?! I will write a chapter a month.” I even wrote it down!
So today, 8 months later,  driving home with Katie talking about how this weekend reminded me of what I committed to almost a year ago. Enough is enough. So, it’s blog time! 🙂 I will be sharing about my journey of writing a book that I am so excited about. I have dreamed of being an author and speaker for over a decade. Time to put some feet to the dreams as I embrace this season and thrive while doing it!
Thanks for joining me on the journey!
Elizabeth 🙂

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