Keeping it Real…

I woke up this morning, actually the alarm clock that my 4 year old set, woke me up at 5:00 this morning. I am the type that when I am woken up I have a hard time falling back to sleep. So tossing and turning began until 6:00 when I heard my second son’s usual morning scream to let the entire house know that he is awake. If I don’t sprint (stumble violently) to him immediately he will wake up Weiland who he shares a room with. YOU DO NOT want to wake Weiland up before he is ready, I repeat YOU DO NOT want to wake up Weiland before he is ready. Hence, the dramatic entrance morning by morning to grab Marty as fast as possible.

The babies have a massive gated in area full of toys that we put them into play, or sometimes I use to keep them safe and out of outlets so that I can crawl up into a ball and take a nap in there. This morning was no different, I grabbed a couch pillow and curled up to try to get even 10 min more of sleep while Marty crawled all over me thinking that it was hilarious when he would pull my hair and I would moan. This lasted for about 30 minutes until the cutest little dainty squeal emerges out of the door in the hallway. It’s official, no matter how NOT READY I am, the day has begun.

With fresh diapers and smiles both babies are strapped in their boosters for breakfast. Marty who apparently doesn’t like food, well, unless it’s french fries and ice cream, is throwing every option I try with him on the floor. Molly, who eats more than her weight has inhaled a banana and is screaming for a bit of anything and everything I try on Marty. In the middle of getting whiplash from feeding the babies on each side of me, Weiland comes out with a big smile…This is never good, my friends!

“Mom! I forgot to put my pull up on last night!” All I hear is, “Mom! I left 2 additional loads of laundry for you in my room!”

I put Molly on the ground to partake of the buffet that Marty has provided for her so that I can run and strip the bed to have it ready in time for Weiland’s nap when he gets home from school. In the time that it took me to take Molly out of her high chair and walk to Weiland’s room to strip his bed, he has successfully spilled an entire cup of orange juice all over the floor including an abnormally big and soft blanket that he apparently likes to cuddle with while eating breakfast. What’s another load of laundry at this point?!

Both babies decided to poop at the same time.  Which led us to our usual wrestling match to pin them down with one hand and change them with the other, looked at the clock and it was 8:00.

Striving to Embrace today…

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