Accepting the Challenge

Jason and I got the amazing gift of going away for a few days together without the kids. Everything fell into place, the location, the childcare, and the timing. 

We had an incredible time with amazing and life long friends with that great southern hospitality. Took uninterrupted naps, woke up when I wanted, drank my coffee while it was still hot, and ate all of my food without having to share or clean up spills. Jason and I laughed a ton and we were able to have awesome conversations. At one point we may have even graced a dance floor with our incredible moves… 

We are now on the plane heading home. Being away gave me a lot of time to think, pray, and explore about ways to be a more present mom and wife. So, there are a few hard challenges that I have for myself as we get closer to landing and picking up the kids. 
Put the phone away….
In the morning we have our few minutes of breakfast and connecting before Jason and Dubs head off for the day and I have allowed it to be interrupted by juggling my phone and what texts came in while I was sleeping or what posts I missed on Instagram. All at the same time trying to feed all of us. It makes me wonder how much my phone contributes to hectic mornings. The phone will now be going off until Jason and Weiland are out the door and then again in the evening when we are all reconnecting. 
Also, Weiland has always required a lot. A lot of attention. A lot of interaction. A lot of activity. It is how he is wired. Since being away I have realized how much of my energy is required to make sure his cup is full. I haven’t had much to give him between the babies and, well, my phone. And he deserves it, so I’m committed to giving it to him. 
Sorry to those of you who are used to my rapid replies to your texts, it’s time to be present with my peeps. It’s actually long overdue. 
Have an attitude adjustment….
Jason had been traveling a lot for work the last couple weeks so I had been doing quite a bit more than usual for the kids and around the house. I realized that not only does my phone need to go away, but my kids reflect my attitude. I need an attitude adjustment. More peace, more joy, and more fun. I am officially committed to doing whatever it takes to reflect more of God’s character to my kids and my husband. I’ve already been exploring tangible ways to do this, so any of you with ideas, please shoot them over my way! 
I wonder how much harder we make it, being a present mom and wife, than it really needs to be… 
Let’s link arms and be more present and more pleasant. Our families deserve it!

One thought on “Accepting the Challenge

  1. Brittany Garrison says:

    Love this! One thing I try to do is acknowledged what Wade does…even the littlest things like taking out the trash. I tell him thank you and let him know I see him and what he is doing. Hope this helps you a little 🙂


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