Surviving Turned To Thriving

I’m not gonna lie today started out rough. I spent the first half of the day in tears. It was one of the times that I really just wanted to collapse in Jason’s arms and sob, but couldn’t because he is out of town for a few days. 

Foster care is hard. Really, really hard. It is at a whole new level when the intention is to adopt and every CPS worker was telling you from the beginning that it was a “slam dunk adoption case”. Thankfully we had the learning experience of Bella to know better than to fully rely on that being the outcome. 

I started out this day surviving at best. I went to the Mom’s group at church this morning and one of the moms with such a sweet spirit looked at me in the eyes and asked me, “How are YOU doing?” I looked at her and my other friend standing there and shook my head and said, “not good”. The tears began to come as I acknowledged out loud that I’m not at my best. 

The unknown with our little Mo is some days unbearable. It’s hard to breathe and hard to focus. I’m not scared. I’m not hopeless. I’m not doubtful of God’s character. I’ve just been here before and I know the pain that is before my family and me. No way around it, we have to walk through it.

So, I’m tired and sad. 

This morning, Jesus in all of His constant faithfulness met me. He is my guide. He is my comforter. He is my strength. He’s given me a community that surrounds me in prayer and encouragement. I am 
happy and thankful to say because of my good God, and my incredible community my day went from surviving to thriving. 

We will only survive in this life as long as we try to do it alone. Thriving comes when we link arms with our community and push through keeping our hearts and minds on God and His perfect love for us.

My prayer for you as you read this is that you would be able 
to ask yourself the hard questions and be able to answer them honestly.

*What area of my life am I merely surviving?

*What would it take to thrive in the area that I’m surviving?
*How can I be used in my vulnerability to point others to Christ as I walk through this current season of life?

Go on this journey with me! I’d love to hear how I can be praying for you through processing these questions!

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