Power and Control

I don’t know about you, but I have a twisted side of me that longs for power and control. I am what some may call a “control freak”. It  is not a super awesome combo to be a control freak when I don’t have control over MOST things.

This week it has hit me square in the face how much power and control I have in certain areas of my life and my twisted control freak side has been giddy over it. It is like I have been constantly hearing an inner evil laugh towards myself.

I was so ready for this last week to come. Schedule was coming, office hours were going to be back to normal, and school starting back up! I had a list of things a mile long to get done and I couldn’t wait to start knocking things off of it now that the holiday season was officially over and the “normal” life was beginning again.

Monday morning I woke up with a vengeance to attack the week. Crap! Post office, banks, and schools were all observing New Years, oh and Dub’s had the flu and I had to send Molly off for her 2 day visit with her mom. Fine. Grocery stores were open, laundry needed done, and Marty was healthy and deserved a happy and attentive mama.  Thankfully Jason was home to be with Weiland, so I was able to meal plan and hit 3 grocery stores to make sure we were all set for food for the week. Monday concluded with needing to pick Molly up from her visit because she was so sick and her mom selflessly cut the visit short so that Molly could sleep in her bed and get good rest.

My attention started to be caught by how much power and control I have on Monday when I realized I couldn’t cross much off my list, my son was sick, and it was time to send Molly away again.  I had the choice to be bummed or CHOOSE joy and make the most of the day. Thankfully, because we have the control and power, I was able to choose joy. The challenge brought a rush. It was like the little me’s on each of my shoulders battling all day and the little me that I wanted to win on Monday, won! It felt awesome! POWER!

The week continued on. By the time Friday came, all, but Jason, had been hit. Temperatures up to 105. Lots of medicines. Urgent care visits. A few loads of laundry.

During one of the urgent care visits I had a baby on each knee crying and I was bouncing them while singing “Bushel and a Peck”. I just kept thanking Jesus that it wasn’t anything more serious than the flu and it transformed my mind. Immediately, I was filled with gratitude for these 2 healthy babies that were temporarily not feeling well. Power and control!

It’s Saturday and all three are down for their naps. I was able to eat some delicious lunch, read more of Without Rival, and soak up some Pandora. I am now sitting under a soft blanket sharing with all of you.

This week wasn’t easy. But it didn’t get me down either. It just gave me plenty of opportunities to put my 2017 word into practice, joy. Some times I whispered to myself 562 times in an hour, “Choose joy, Elizabeth. It’s your choice.”

We GET to choose. CONTROL. People do you understand what I am saying?! You are the only one who can control how you respond to what is thrown your way. We cannot control our circumstances, but we GET to control how we respond. The choice is so powerful. It is crucial that we choose wisely!

Sick babies? Unpaid bills? Strained relationships? Disappointment?

You may not be dealing with anything that is difficult right now, but it will come. Will you be ready to look at whatever it is head on and not let it define you or your day?

I have way more examples of sulking winning over gratitude and joy. So, I really know and have experience with which is the best option! Choosing gratitude and joy causes me to finish the day a better wife, mom, and friend. When we choose gratitude and joy we tend to be more aware with needs around us. I have noticed that when I am not sulking and focusing on what’s going wrong in my life, I am able to be more available to my loved ones.

You may have to dig deep. It takes practice if it isn’t your default. Taking thoughts captive and positive self talk will be essential. You can do it, though.

Let’s spur each other on as we CHOOSE joy and walk out each day the best possible versions of ourselves!



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