The Time is Coming

The day is right around the corner. The day where we will no longer be considered Molly’s legal care takers. We will pack her up and hand her over to her birth mom.

Sometimes I cannot believe that this is my life. In the past when others have gone through what we are about to go through and they would tell me about it, I would die inside and tell them how I could never do what they are doing. I am now that person that is preparing to say good bye to their daughter that they have a raised for the last 16 months from birth.

Guess what?! I am doing it and I am not dying! Walking through this I am realizing that anyone who says, “yes” to whatever Jesus is calling them to, can do it. He equips us to do the impossible, it is Him in us. He is my hope. He is my strength. He is my peace. He is my joy. He sustains me.

What is Jesus stirring in you?? What have you said, “I could never do that?” What seems impossible to you?

  • Staying in and fighting for your marriage?
  • Packing and moving across country? State? City?
  • Quitting your job?
  • Starting a company?
  • Ending a toxic relationship? Plutonic or not…
  • Giving 10% of your finances to the church?
  • Going on the mission field?
  • Cutting up the credit cards?
  • Entering rehab?
  • Starting therapy?

We all have a different set of circumstances BUT we all have the SAME God. Capable. Loving. Strong. Able. Unconditional. Grace filled. Merciful.

I challenge you to evaluate your life. Look at your fears. Be sensitive to the stirring in your being and say “yes” to WHATEVER you feel Jesus may be calling you to do. I promise you, you won’t regret it. I do not regret for one second saying yes to my little Molly.

Is your timing coming too?

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