What the What?!

You guys, this week…woa! Talk about having a week that is exactly what your body and soul has needed. I am in awe. I am on a freaking high and I am soaking it in like a sponge. I know that it is these times that carry us in the desert times. I am documenting. I am rejoicing. I am laughing. I am crying. I am smiling. I am dancing. I am telling everyone and anyone who will listen. Even as I sit here typing I cannot stop smiling.


Nothing out of the ordinary this week. Molly is still going to live with her mom. Weiland still has more energy than a teenager on 5 Red Bull drinks. Marty is still recovering from sickness and has become quite the barnacle on my leg. I am still behind by about 3 loads of laundry and there is a weird stench that I cannot get rid of in our house. Jason is busy at work. I don’t have a single real estate client. As I feel my teeth with my tongue right now I realize that I have not brushed them yet, today, and I am not quite sure when the last time I brushed them was.  I am still infertile. Oh! And, my skin decided to be allergic to my wedding ring.


Choosing joy is so powerful. Choosing to rest in God’s wisdom and strength is so powerful. Choosing to keep our eyes on the author and finisher of our faith is so rewarding and life giving. Choosing to live life intentionally is freaking amazing.

This week I decided to attack life with a vengeance. Sickness was finally leaving us. I only missed the first week of January, but I was mad about it so I rolled up my sleeves on Monday morning ready to kick life in the teeth! 🙂

I am not a cook. You can ask any of my friends who so graciously made fun of me this year at our “Friendsgiving”. Jason’s staple dinner diet for the majority of our marriage has been an alternating schedule of bean and cheese burritos, Digiorno Pizzas, or eating out. I am not proud of it, it is just the reality. So starting this year we had a talk, and discussed that no matter what we are eating, we need to eat together as a family at least 3 times a week. We need that powerful connection as a family. Monday, January 2nd, I sat down and I meal planned. We just finished week 2 of eating dinner together 3 times each week. I am proud to say that none of the 6 meals were bean and cheese burritos, Digiorno Pizzas, or eating out. On sick days, I was so thankful for the crock pot recipes that I planned for.

I managed to hit up the gym 3 times this week. Moms….find a gym that has childcare and sign up! Do not waste another minute! My friend, Rachel, reminded me that gyms have childcare. I signed up the next day. So, at the 4:00 brutal hour, the kids and I headed off to the gym! I put on podcasts and worship music for the hour that I was there and it made such a difference in my day and more importantly, in my heart!

I drove out to see my sister on Friday morning to get my grey hairs painted. The drive was so energizing for my mind, soul, and body. The views, the podcast, the worship music, and the prayers. Knowing God’s character makes it so easy to long for Him and His presence. His life changing presence.

This morning Jason took the boys on a long run and so I got some one on one time with Molly before she left for the day to spend time with her mom. It was so fun and special. Once both babies were down for their nap I curled up in our recliner and read a chapter in my book which left me feeling so inspired and empowered. Thankfully the babies were still sleeping so…..I GOT A SHOWER!!!!! I celebrate those BIG time! 🙂 While in the shower I knew that I wanted to be intentional with the boys today. I wanted quality time with them as we adjust to this being the new norm, so after we dropped off Mo, we headed to a lunch date and a Target run. It was awesome! Lots of laughs and good convo with my super duper smart 5 year old.

I now sit here typing as my boys sleep with tears in my eyes thinking about this last week and all of the incredible gifts God has given me. An incredible and hard working husband. Two healthy and adorable sons. A beautiful and spunky foster daughter. Our health. But most of all, God’s unfailing character.

Here is my challenge to you, my friends. Take 30 minutes. Listen/watch this video. Don’t cut it short. Listen/watch the whole thing. It is just under 18 minutes. Use the remaining 12 minutes to pray/cry/yell to God. Reset your heart. Reset your mind.

I have listened/watched this video about 3 times, maybe more..just this week. Let God overwhelm what is overwhelming you today. Attack this next week with a vengeance. Combat the lies of satan with what you know to be true. Take all your thoughts captive. Positive self talk will turn your day/week/month/2017 upside down. Allow God to speak hope into your heart. Allow God to speak peace over you. Allow God to speak joy over you. I promise that no matter what is going on in your life right now, you have the power within you to feel peace, hope, joy, and strength.

Can we try to be intentional together?  It can be exhausting, but the reward is so much greater than any exhaust that you could ever feel! I promise 🙂

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