Our Nanners

This girl…she is so amazing she gets her own post. I met Savannah the summer before she was going into her sophomore year of high school. She was one of the brave ones to ever take a Vantage class. (Short lived organization that I started to teach teens about their worth and sex education)

We had JUST been place with Weiland and she wrote me the sweetest message on Facebook to tell me that she would love to babysit him anytime and she didn’t want us to pay her. She just wanted to help us. Being that she was 14 and it was my first child, I was so touched but scared to really leave him with anyone at all.

A little while later my friend Rachel and I decided to start a small group for sophomore girls and so we asked Savannah to join. What I noticed about Savannah was that she was SO sweet, quiet, attentive, and had the best little laugh! After just a couple weeks I knew after watching her mature and sweet demeanor, she could be trusted with Weiland. This began one of the most rewarding relationships in my life yet.

We met Nanners 5 years ago. In the last 5 years we have grown to love her like our own. She is apart of the Shafer family..whether she likes it or not 🙂

This girl LOVES Jesus. This girl loves those around her so well. She is kind. Gentle. Selfless. Generous. She is funny. She is passionate about showing the hurt, lost, and broken God’s heart for them.

Three weeks from today our Nanners will be coming home from a 5 month mission trip with YWAM. (Youth With A Mission) She spent the first 3 months in the UK and then she has been in Peru for almost 2 months. She is about $500.00 short in paying for her school. I would love to help her pay that off before she comes home so that she doesn’t get here with that debt over her head when she doesn’t have a job yet.

So, I come to you, my kind and amazing and generous readers 🙂 If you find it in your hearts to help this amazing girl out, you can click here and it will take you to her blog where you can read about her time with YWAM as well as donate.

I know that money is hard earned and I wouldn’t come to you to ask you to give if I didn’t 100% believe in my girl and the work she is doing!

Thank you for linking arms with me on this!


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