Trusting in The Dark

February 10th came and went. Just as recommended by the the social worker, it was ruled for Molly to be reunified with her birth mom.

Our community has been incredible through this entire process. The morning of the hearing 2 of my close friends each took one baby while Weiland was at school. Jason and I were able to hike to the cross, talk, pray, and process. After our hike we had an awesome breakfast. Just us. It was perfect way to spend the morning.

Molly’s mom is amazing. She is selfless and hard working. She loves Jesus and she is pursuing Him with her whole heart. It is beautiful to watch her persistency with Him. Her love for this precious baby girl is beyond obvious. I have grown to really love her and enjoy my time with her. We text daily and get along well when we see each other. Everything about this entire situation is miraculous. God’s hand is all over it.

Although the judge ruled to reunify Molly with her birth mom, her mom has chosen to leave the baby with us until her apartment becomes available. Just another example of her selfless love. She doesn’t want to move Molly more times than necessary. So every day off from work she has, she takes Molly for the day.

The day after the hearing I was sitting in church and during the message, the pastor said, “You can trust God in the dark.” This is an uncharted territory for us. I cannot predict or see what tomorrow holds, but I don’t have to. My Captain will guide me in these open seas! When we got home from church that night, Dubs called me and Jason outside to look at the moon. It was so beautiful! So beautiful I took out my phone to take a picture. Through the lens of my camera on my phone was this picture:


There wasn’t a cross to my naked eye or in the lens of the iPad, just my phone. As I was staring at the picture, Jesus whispered so gently to me, “You can trust Me in the dark.”  He continually speaks, comforts, and carries me. He is SO good. He can be trusted. The dark has nothing on Him!

I don’t know about you, but knowing that my God can be trusted in the dark gives me such peace, confidence, strength, and joy. He offers you the same! Does it feel dark for you in your life? In your marriage? Parenting? Work? Finances? Health?

One day at a time, friends. Look to the cross and be reminded that your BIG, LOVING, and CAPABLE God can be trusted in the unknown. He loves you. He delights in you. He cares about the details in your life. He wants to meet you in the dark and walk hand in hand guiding you.

Will you take His hand and let Him lead you through the unknown?  You should, He’s a good guide 🙂

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