In This Together

It has been a week full of mommas reaching out to me. Not just any mommas, these are  tired, depressed, aimless, frustrated, and lonely mommas. Mommas who love Jesus and  love their babies. I just keep telling each one of them, “you’re not alone”.

These women are drowning in guilt from yelling at their kids, using the TV as a baby-sitter, or lack of self-care. Life seems to feel like it is swallowing them up, leaving them with just a small amount of fight left in them. There is also a common frustration and sadness of a disconnect with their spouses.

I do my best to encourage them and point them to scripture, podcasts, and worship music. Ultimately, I just want all of these amazing and beautiful women to know that they are not alone.

I am one of these mommas. I regularly tell myself that I am not alone. I regularly fight the overwhelming guilt that arises from yelling at my kids, using the TV as a baby-sitter, and not taking care of myself. I have also felt it when disconnection rears it’s ugly head in my marriage. So, I put on a podcast, I listen to worship music, or I read the Bible.

In exchange, Jesus comes. Jesus shows His power. Jesus sustains. Jesus breathes life.

So, if you are reading this and you fall into the category along with all of us tired mommas doing our best but some days just feeling like we are falling short. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are in this together. I promise that as soon as you call out to Jesus, He will meet you! He will be your security. He will be your peace. He will be your strength. He is good and He is faithful. There are days when I go to bed feeling like a failure as a momma and the minute I call out to Jesus, He comforts me with the truth that I am not alone and how much He loves me. Without fail, EVERY TIME, Jesus speaks life and prepares me with a fresh batch of grace as I approach the next day.

I want this for you SO BAD…

Life was not meant to be lived alone. God is relational and and we were created in His image.    Where ever you live, I am sure that there is a local group that you can be a part of. Use the amazing Google and find yourself an appealing group to belong to. Art class? Cooking class? Dance class? Music class? A MOPS group? A women’s Bible study? Join a gym and attend classes. The community is out there, we just have to boldy step out and get it!

The pay off is great. The courage will be worth it. It takes a village and it takes a good team on your side. Throw up the white flag and watch God meet you like you could have never asked or imagined.

This evening as I was writing this post I got an excerpt of a book from a friend. It applies perfectly to this post so I thought I would share. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!

Anything I can pray for, please don’t hesitate to reach out 🙂

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