It’s been just over a year since we purchased our fixer upper. When I say fixer upper, I mean fixer upper. Nothing has been touched in it since the 70’s. I am hoping that our 2 air conditioning units will make it through another summer. Our pool pump went out, without any notice of it not working properly, this week. We have had one thing after another that needs fixed or replaced.

All this to say, I have an ongoing and massive “honey do” list. I don’t meant to….BUT…as Jason, I mean literally as he is finishing a project,  I am asking him or maybe some times telling him in a spoiled way what to do next on the list. Without ever giving him time to enjoy the project that he just finished and, I am ashamed to say, without ever thanking him for finishing the project that he just finished.

He usually looks at me and responds with an eye roll or smirk 🙂  Much more graciously than I would respond, for sure!

It wasn’t until this week that I realized what I have been doing to poor Jason for the last YEAR. Thankfully, Weiland helped teach me 🙂 I was grabbing a spoon and milk for Weiland’s cereal on Monday morning and as I was literally opening the drawer to get the spoon, Weiland asks, “can I have some juice?” I looked at him and said, “there is only one of me and I am still trying to get you your cereal.” It seems so small, but I felt so unappreciated. He hadn’t even had a bite of the cereal and there was no thank you for the cereal, just another demand….Oops.

Right away, in the midst of responding to Weiland it hit me, this must be how Jason feels around the house. I felt horrible. This was just getting cereal! This wasn’t hanging drywall, painting, laying tile floors, trimming the trees, or any of the other one million things that Jason has accomplished in the last year around the house. Not to mention the ongoing maintenance of both vehicles. I thought to myself, “he must feel so under appreciated.”

That morning, I apologized to Jason and thanked him for how hard he works around the house and just for our family in general.  I could tell that the apology meant a lot to him and breathed life into him.

It is crucial for thriving and healthy relationships that we make an intentional effort to appreciate those around us. Not just appreciate them in our heads and hearts, but to their faces. Maybe through a card, or a coffee, or our powerful words.

It could be our spouses or maybe our kids? Friends? Coworkers? Bosses? Teachers? Coaches? Pastors?

There is so much power in appreciating those around us.

It breathes life into our bones when our work goes noticed. At least, I know for me it does. I know the Bible talks about doing all that we do for Him and not those around us, but we are human and could use some appreciation and notice every once in awhile.

So, right now…send a text/email, write a card, deliver a coffee, have flowers delivered…whatever works for you, but do something to let those on your team know that you appreciate them!


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